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Aluminium for packaging

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Aluminum is also widely used in the packaging industry due to its excellent properties such as high strength, light weight and corrosion resistance. Aluminum is widely used in the food and beverage packaging industry.

Aluminum cans such as beer, soda, energy drinks, vegetables, fruits, fish meat, etc. Aluminum cans are durable, lightweight and easy to recycle, can extend the shelf life of food and are easy to carry follow and use.

Food in bags: Aluminum foil bags like coffee, nuts, dried fruits, cookies, etc. Aluminum foil bags are airtight and preserve food’s freshness and good flavor.

Food containers: Aluminum food containers are a form of packaging for meals and takeout food. Aluminum food containers have heat-retaining, airtight, and reusable properties, so they are suitable for the catering and take-away business.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry

Common forms of pharmaceutical packaging include aluminum-plastic composite packaging, aluminum caps, aluminum bags, etc. Aluminum-plastic composite packaging is most widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, especially in injections, pills, etc., and has good oxygen resistance, moisture-proof and protective functions.

At the same time, aluminum foil is also widely used in sealing gaskets and bottle caps for pharmaceutical packaging. According to data published by the World Aluminum Association, the annual global production of pharmaceutical aluminum foil is about 200,000 tons, accounting for about 5% of total global aluminum foil production.

Cosmetic Packaging Industry

Aluminum is also widely used in the cosmetic packaging industry, including aluminum lids, aluminum cans, aluminum tubes and aluminum bags due to its good corrosion resistance, flexibility and beautiful decoration. In addition, aluminum protects cosmetics from external light and oxidation, helping to prolong the shelf life of cosmetics.

Aluminum lid is a common cosmetic packaging material. Its main function is to seal the cosmetic container, preventing the cosmetic container from being contaminated or oxidized during transportation and storage.

Aluminum cans are suitable for high-end cosmetics such as perfume and facial cream.

Aluminum tubes are commonly used in the packaging of liquid and semi-solid cosmetic products such as moisturizers and shampoos.

Aluminum foil bags are suitable for packaging some small cosmetics, such as lipstick and mascara.

Applications of some other common alloys:

Alloy 1235: This is pure aluminum often used for multi-purpose packaging applications such as food wrapping, storage and pharmaceutical protection.

Alloy 3003: used for packaging applications requiring high corrosion resistance such as packaging acidic or alkaline products such as tomato sauce, fruit juice and detergents.

Alloy 8006: packaging of dairy products, confectionery and other foods rich in fats and oils, due to its excellent barrier properties, strength and formability.

Alloy 8011: used for food packaging, such as wrapping chocolate, butter and other dairy products due to its excellent moisture resistance, heat resistance and formability.

Alloy 8079: This alloy is known for its versatility and high strength, making it suitable for more demanding packaging applications such as blister packs for pharmaceutical products and flexible tubes for cosmetics and other products. personal care products.

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