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Aluminium PP Cap

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Aluminium PP Cap

Aluminium PP caps are a product made from aluminium with a variety of sizes, designs and colors. Aluminium bottle caps are a highly durable material, easy to shape and do not rust. Used to produce lids for glass bottles and metal bottles to help preserve and increase the aesthetics and elegance of the product.

Thickness: 0.17– 0.25 (mm).

Size on request.

Aluminum grade: A1050, A8011

Temper: H14,H16,…

Weight: L x W x H x 2.72/1000000 (Kg)

Origin: China, Japan, Korea, some EU countries meeting ASTM and JIS standards.

In addition to this size, Fortune Company also provides many sizes according to customer requirements.

Aluminium PP cap is a product made from aluminium that is often used to cover glass bottles and metal bottles because it helps preserve drinks and increases the aesthetics and elegance of the product. And many businesses have taken advantage of aluminium PP cap to promote their brands with images and logos decorated with eye-catching images and colors.

Aluminium – great material for producing bottle cap

Aluminium has high chemical resistance, good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, color fastness in both water, oil, and acid environments and especially does not warp. According to the numbers researched by scientists, finished aluminium products are not affected by temperature conditions in a temperature range running from 500oC to 800oC and thanks to the complex features of new technology, the surface Resists environmental corrosion and temperature erosion, suitable for making bottle caps.

The system of painting and creating patterns on the aluminium surface has many paint materials with about 30 colors and patterns and usually comes with a warranty of 1 – 5 years (depending on location). Price and quality have many levels, depending on the thickness of the aluminium surface layer; For example, for a 3 mm sheet, the aluminium layer on each side is 0.21 mm, but there are types that are only 0.18 or 0.15 mm, even thinner, creating a highly aesthetic appearance for the aluminium bottle cap. The outstanding product that we see the most is aluminium used to produce wine bottle caps, medicine bottles…

Advantages of aluminium PP cap

Compared to plastic bottle caps or aluminium-plated bottle caps, aluminium PP cap have many advantages.

The first thing to mention is the quality of the bottle cap. Aluminium is a highly durable material, easy to shape and does not rust.

Aluminium PP cap come in diverse sizes, unique designs and rich colors. You can also attract users with your own business’s images and imprint on the bottle cap.

Helps preserve drinks in bottles from spilling or spilling, creating a harmonious aesthetic for glass bottles or wine bottles.

Bringing elegance, aesthetics and class to glass bottles and wine bottles, demonstrating product value.

Fortune Import – Export Co., Ltd has a large warehouse, large output, and is proud to be a professional importer, exporter and distributor of aluminum that meets the needs of quality and size, ensuring the best product supply. for customers.

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Chemical composition

Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Others Others Al
Each Total
1050 0.25 0.4 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.03 0.03 99.5
8011 0.5~0.9 0.6 ~1 0.1 0.2 0.05 0.05 0.1 0.08 0.05 0.15 Còn lại

Mechanical properties

Alloy/Temper Specified thickness


Tensile strength
Yield strength
Elongation min
Bend radiusa Hardness
over up to min. max. min. max. A50mm A 180o 90o
1050-H14 0,2 0,5 105 145 85 2 1,0t 0t 34
0,5 1,5 105 145 85 2 1,0t 0,5t 34
1,5 3,0 105 145 85 4 1,0t 1,0t 34
3,0 6,0 105 145 85 5 1,5t 34
6,0 12,5 105 145 85 6 2,5t 34
12,5 25,0 105 145 85 6 34
8011-H16 0,2 0,5 140 190 130 1 47
0,5 1,5 145 185 130 2 47
1,5 4,0 145 185 130 3 47


Aluminium bottle caps are highly durable, easy to shape and do not rust, have good oxidation resistance, forming an oxide film on the surface to help protect the physical properties of the product, good sealing, ensuring Ensure the product does not come into contact with the outside environment.

Aluminium bottle caps are commonly used in the food packaging industry such as  Soju wine caps, Western wine caps, drinks and food jars/containers to help protect the products inside safely and limit impacts. from the outside such as air, temperature, light, microorganisms, etc. and easily twists open without tools.

Aluminium bottle caps are also used for bottles in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to bring luxury and aesthetics.

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