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How to distinguish and apply aluminum alloys

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How to distinguish and apply aluminum alloys

Finding and choosing a reputable, high-quality aluminum alloy distribution company is what customers aim for in order to achieve high efficiency for projects – Fortune Aluminium – the company always imports aluminium alloys. brings optimal solutions to customers.

Are you wondering about choosing quality aluminum products among the diverse aluminium market or from companies importing aluminium alloys? How to identify aluminium alloy and its applications in life. Please join us – Fortune Aluminium – to find out more information that interests you.

What is aluminium alloy?

Aluminum alloy is a product between aluminium and some other elements such as magnesium, manganese, copper, etc. to create aluminium alloy products; Increases the physical properties of the product such as more durable, harder, high thermal conductivity, better corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. The combination of aluminium and different elements will be suitable for different fields; But all of them bring practical benefits to life. Aluminium alloy import company is one of the optimal solutions to help customers have better choices for constructions and projects.

Cách phân biệt và ứng dụng của nhôm hợp kim
The company imports aluminium alloy

How to distinguish aluminium alloy

In the midst of today’s diverse aluminum market, for customers to have more practical information on how to distinguish aluminum alloys: composition, properties,… and make reasonable and quick choices – the company imports Aluminum alloy exporter – Cat Tuong Aluminum will send the following information:

  • Aluminium alloy A5052 – H32: aluminum alloy sheet, made up of two main components: Cr (0.15-0.35%) and Mg (2.20-2.80%); Has average durability, good thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistance, formability, and excellent weld resistance.
  • Aluminium alloy A6061 – T6: one of the alloys with many uses, high durability, good resistance to corrosion and air erosion and good weldability. With main components of aluminum, magnesium, silicon alloy. The properties of T6 can be obtained by artificial aging. It can be welded using many different methods.
  • Aluminium alloy A5052 –  H112: has high hardness, suitable for anodizing products with great durability, high corrosion resistance, good formability and welding properties.
    Synthetic aluminium alloy: made from the blending and assimilation of aluminum and some other elements such as copper, tin, manganese, etc. to enhance physical properties, good structure, and thermal conductivity. high, good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Aluminum alloy plate 7075; 6061; 5052,…

Application of aluminium alloy

Given the good properties of aluminium alloy; aluminum alloy selling companies are always ready to provide the best products to customers. Let’s take a look at the applications of aluminum alloys with Cat Tuong Aluminum import company – Cat Tuong Aluminum, one of the reputable places:

Means of transport: aluminum alloy used in details of means of transport: cars, planes, trucks, trains, etc., aircraft shell processing, etc.
Production technology: food packaging, wrapping paper,… food molds, cooking utensils,… household appliances,… letter boxes,…
Application of automation and mechanical components.
Production of water tanks and oil tanks.
In construction: molds used for plastic molding, making hanging light troughs, materials for making traffic signs,…

Through the information shared from Cat Tuong Aluminium, we hope to provide customers with the necessary information for choosing quality aluminium alloy products as well as a reputable aluminium alloy import company in the market.

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