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Latest aluminium sheet price quote

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Latest aluminium sheet price quote

Do you need to buy aluminium sheets? Do you want to know the latest aluminium sheet prices today? Let us solve this difficult problem for you.

Currently, aluminium sheets are popular and trusted by many people because of their outstanding advantages. It is no coincidence that aluminium panels are widely used in construction. Because, using aluminium panels in construction, you will be extremely assured because of its durability over time, anti-corrosion properties and great versatility. You are in need of using aluminium sheet but you are still wondering about the price of aluminium sheet? Don’t hesitate to immediately refer to the following article to solve this difficult problem of yours.

High quality and premium aluminium sheet in Ho Chi Minh City

Price of aluminium sheet on the market now
Currently, aluminium sheet are widely used in the construction industry. In particular, the manufacturing and precision mechanical industries also favor this material. Aluminium plate is a material that is aluminium alloyed and heat treated, therefore, the durability of aluminium plate is highly appreciated in construction. The price of aluminium sheet also depends on many factors. Among them, the important factors affecting the price of aluminium sheets are:

Aluminium sheet size

Aluminium sheet size is considered an important factor determining the current aluminium sheet price. Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate aluminium sheet size to maximize effectiveness. Current popular aluminium sheet sizes are: 1000 x 2000 mm and 1200 x 2400 mm. Besides, you can also order the size as required.

Aluminium sheet thickness

Aluminum sheet price also depends on aluminium thickness. Aluminium sheet thickness is usually about 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, etc. Depending on the aluminum sheet thickness, the aluminium sheet price also varies. Normally, the thicker the aluminium sheet, the higher the price.

Establishment selling aluminium sheets
Of course, the facility selling aluminium panels has the right to decide the price of aluminium panels within the appropriate framework. Depending on the facility (reputable, selling genuine aluminum panels, facade facility,…), the price of aluminium panels will also have a certain difference.

Price of aluminium sheets on the general market now
Although the price of aluminium sheets depends on many factors, however, the aluminium sheet market still has a common floor price to avoid the situation of aluminium sheet buyers being “cut off”. Currently, the price of aluminium plates on the market ranges from 70 thousand VND/kg to about 200 thousand VND/kg, depending on the size and thickness of the aluminium plate.

To buy cheap and reasonable aluminium sheets, you should choose a reputable and quality aluminium sheet seller. You should refer to the aluminium sheet price list of the aluminum company before buying aluminium sheets to ensure your benefits. Currently, Fortune Import Export Co., Ltd. is trusted and chosen by many people when buying aluminium sheet.

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Types of aluminum panels from at Fortune aluminium company

Currently, Fortnune Aluminium Company is trusted by many customers, in which the most popular products by customers are:

Aluminium sheet A1050 – H0;
Aluminium sheet A1050 – H14;
Aluminium sheet A1050 – H18;
Aluminium sheet Coil
Composite aluminium sheet.

Using aluminium sheet in construction brings you many practical benefits. However, you should consult the price of aluminium aluminium sheet before buying to ensure your rights. If you need a quote for aluminium panels or have any questions about current types of aluminium sheet, please contact us immediately via the following information:

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